How to Optimize a Website For Search

So you’ve got a website but nobody can ever find it. What do you do? 4 words: optimize it for search. But what does that even mean?

To get straight to the point, optimizing a website means that you’re moving a few things around to make your website readable to search engines so they can know what keywords to rank you for. That’s something you want to happen so that you can attract more visitors on autopilot, which will lead to more customers and sales each month. So how do you do it?

Optimizing a Website for the Search Engines

Now that you know why you need to optimize a website, you now just need to know how to do it.

Remember, the point of optimization is to help the search engines understand what your website is about so they can know where you should show up for certain keywords that are related to the services you provide and areas you service.

You see, people use keywords to perform a search, with examples including towing service atlanta, plumber in Dallas, rhinoplasty surgeon san francisco. The websites that are optimized for keywords such as these are more likely to show up near the top of the search results, again, resulting in more customers and sales.

Now to finally get to the bottom of how to optimize. These are just the bare basics so if you want more detailed information about website optimization, there’s so much great information out there that you can locate from a quick Google search.

#1. Content

The home page content needs to be first and foremost written for consumers but second, it needs to include keywords like we just mentioned. That means that the keywords you want to show up for need to be naturally weaved throughout the content. I can’t stress the natural part enough. The last thing you want to do is over-optimize your content with keyword stuffing.

Also, you want to have content that is long and strong, and helps people find what they need. Local businesses should include what areas they service, prices, show reviews and explain why they are the best for the job out of all of the companies in the area. The more good content you have, the better chances you have of attracting more customers.

#2. Title and Description

One of the most important parts of optimizing your website is the title. The site title is one of the first thing the search engines see and at the least, you just want it to be the name of the site. For the site description though, you want to include the main keyword that you want to be showing up in the search engines for. Again, I can’t stress the natural part enough. No keyword stuffing.

#2. Images and Videos

It’s obvious that websites with media look better than those that don’t. Another cool thing about images though, is that you can optimize them for the search engines as well. All you have to do is go to edit your image in whatever website platform you’re using and then add a keyword to the ‘alt’ tag area. Simple as that.

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3 Beginner Tips for Gaining Publicity Online

The online world is very noisy these days and only seems to be getting worse.

At the same time, most people use the internet as a common resource to find information of anything they want to know more about, including people.

If you are someone that needs to make the best use of the internet possible and gain publicity along the way, here are three beginner tips that can help.

1.) Be Totally Transparent

This may seem obvious but it doesn’t happen as much as you may think.

It can sometimes be difficult to know what’s true online and what’s just talk, so those the show genuine transparency have the chance to stick out like a sore thumb.

Be yourself, speak proudly about yourself and what you do, and most of all, be professional. But at the same time, clear what you bring to the table as a professional.

2.) Be Available On Social Media

It’s really hard to find people that don’t have at least one social media account to this day. That makes it even more important to be on at least Facebook, Google or Twitter for people to find.

If people can’t find your business [website] on such popular platforms like these, it can actually hurt your reputation by making you look behind or unplugged from communication.

You don’t have to get there often to post, but the more you do the more professional you can appear.

3.) Create Helpful Content

If you are a professional trying to sell yourself and your products or services, the best way you can do so is through education.

People love to buy but hate to be sold. Education empowers them to buy without feeling like they are being sold to.

You can’t get much more natural than that.

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Quick Question #1: Where Should I Start Marketing My Business Online?

The web is huge and can be quite the overwhelming space, especially if you aren’t familiar with it at all.

As for local business owners that already have enough on their plates, it can be even more confusing as online marketing takes time to learn and apply.

Quick Questions will be a new series that we will be doing to answer important questions in short and digestible answers so that as a business owner, you can manage your business while growing in online at the same time.

The first questions we wanted to address was : Where Should I Start Marketing My Business Online?

Our quick response in a short series of steps.

1.) Get a website if you already don’t have one and make sure that you include the services you offer and the locations you service in and around your area.

2.) Get your business listed on Google by doing a quick search for ‘Google My Business’ and create a listing in your area. Make sure to include lots of pictures and information for potential customers.

3.) List your business on Facebook and Twitter

4.) Type your top competitors business name and phone number in quotes in a Google search and you will see the many websites like YellowPages, SuperPages, and Angie’s List, and follow suit by listing your business on there as well.

This is not is for having a successful online presence by any means but if you do these, you will have a good start.

If you need further help with marketing your business online then please feel free to take a look around some of the articles on this website, or you can request a Quick Question response in a comment.

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Case Study #2: Tips for Tree Care Conversions

We like to do a lot of case studies here if you can’t tell. Because of this, it’s time to roll out another one, however, this one is special – it’s written by a local business owner that knows a thing or two about marketing online.

So we reached out and asked for an interview.

In this case study, we are going to give you a deeper look into a successful website that converts customers like crazy.

You are going to learn the three main things you need to have on your website to make people want to do business with you instead of click the ‘back button’ and go search for one of your competitors. The best part is, you will be learning from a player in the trenches of tree removal, meaning you will have a greater idea of what works and what doesn’t.

Without further ado, here are the 3 big components you need on your website to make customers want to covert.

3 Ways to Increase Website Conversions

1.) Have your contact information large and obvious. 

People don’t want to have to search for your phone number or email address, especially with most searches coming from mobile devices. This means you need to have your phone number at the top, and preferably make it click-to-call so that people can reach you easier.

If people have to spend more time than they want to searching for something, they will just move to the next person that is prepared to help them better.

Also, it’s always a good idea to have a contact form on your home pages as well as others. Some people would rather get a quote by email, or be contacted when they want to be contacted.

In my case, many people just want quotes for tree removal. If I don’t make it easy for them to get one, they will just go to one of my many other competitors.  Continue reading » Case Study #2: Tips for Tree Care Conversions

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Growing a Business Online

No matter what kind of business you have, it’s important that you market whatever products or services you are offering. Many people think that a website alone will bring more customers to buy their products or services, but if people can’t find it then it’s not doing it’s job.

Now, a website is not the only thing it takes to run a successful online marketing campaign, but it’s a big part of advertising. Just think of it as a billboard that does your advertising for you 24/7.

The point is, whether it’s a website, ad, social media page, or any other kind of web page, people need to be able to find it, or else you will be wasting time and money. So how do you prevent this?

Well, in this post are going to go over the general concept of how to grow a business online, regardless of whether it’s a local business, e-commerce store, product, blog, or MLM.

Getting Started With Marketing Online

If you want your business to be found online, you have to be where all of your target customers are.

This mostly include popular social media avenues like Facebook, Twitter, & YouTube, and other websites related to your industry such as forums and blogs.

Your goal is to market to them in a way that makes it easy and obvious for them to do business with you, so you want to give them valuable information that they can benefit from, and do it in a way that is natural rather than spammy or salesy.

Content can be created on the business’ website itself, on social media, on a directory site like Yelp or Forsquare, or through video. Just like having a successful website though, all content needs to be promoted or else it’s not truly doing it’s job.

Over time, content creation and marketing, on top of providing value and building relationships with people is the ultimate way to grow a business online. Sure there are little tricks and tactics that need to be applied for bigger results, but this is the foundation.

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How to Get Your Business to the Top of Google Maps

These days, most all businesses want a piece of the coveted pie that lies at the top of the Google map listings. If you aren’t sure what I’m talking about, just do a quick search for any kind of local service you can think of off the top of your head, and look closely at the top three listings in the little box that shows map locations. These are the Google maps.

Having a top three listings in Google maps is important because:

  • They show a businesses name, address, phone number and link to their website, so prospects can easily click through.
  • These listings show reviews from previous customers, making people more likely to click when positive reviews are present
  • These listings appear make the businesses appear more authoritative than the rest in the niche because they’re in a top three spot
  • They increase the amount of visitors to a website that can result in new customers, and even repeat customers over time

And these are just to name a few.

So how exactly do you claim one of these top three spots in the Google maps pack in your market?

#1. Optimized Google My Business Listing

Your Google business listing will be your most important, and should be treated that way.

This means you need to take the time to add pictures and important details that show customers why you’re the best at what you do. Be sure to add keywords throughout the content, so the search engines and consumers can know exactly what your business does and how you can help them the most.

In our experience, one important factor in how high a business listing ranks in the map pack depends on how long the content. Ideally, the content in your Google listing should be long and strong. Put yourself in the shoes of your customers and provide the information you would want to know if you were searching for said service.

#2. Citations – Mentions of Your Business On Other Websites

To get technical, citations are the listing of a business on another website that includes the name, address and phone number. Sometimes even the website.

The point of citations are to show search engines that you have a credible business, as it is mentioned on many other third-party review, directory and other types of websites. To simply this, think of citations as votes. The more votes a business has, the more it has proven itself in the eyes of Google, and in return will be ranked at the top of the results when people search for their services in their location.

Not every business can show-up at the top of the Google map pack and therefore, the ones that are optimized the most and have the most online popularity will reign supreme.

#3. Website Optimization

You want the details of your website to match those of your Google business listing, just like with the citations.

This means that you want to have well-written content that clearly describes what your business does, what services you offer, prices, what locations you service, and address any common questions.

The goal of Google is to serve up the best possible results for their consumers, so the more comprehensive and informative the content on your website is, the better chance your business has of sticking to the top. That means in both the maps and organic search results.

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3 Quick Tips for Increasing Website Conversions

Websites are wonderful investments and serve as 24/7 advertising for the businesses that have them; if the website can be found during search of course.

Even if a website can be found though, it doesn’t always mean that the visitor will take action. In the case of a local business owner, this could mean that the visitor doesn’t make the decision to call the company for a quote, further information, or even to hire them for their services. But why?

The brief answer is that sometimes websites aren’t set-up to covert customers well. So here are three quick tips for doing just that.

1. Easy and Obvious Contact Information

If you want to increase the amount of people that become visitors from your website, you need to make your email address and phone number to access. Add these in multiple places on the website, and make sure it is listed at top.

Having a contact form on the home pages makes this even easier, as it conveniently gives people the option to complete the auto-filled form to make a request.

2. Mobile Optimized

Mobile devices are all the rage these days, and most people use them for their searches.

This means that your website needs to be optimized to work on cell phones of all types and tablets. People want to have an easy website search experience so that they can find what they’re looking for an be on their way, and having a website that helps them with that can drastically help you in the end.

3. Media

We as humans are visual creates, and videos and photos appeal to just that.

Having pictures on your website not only helps with the visual appeal, but gives customers a quick presentation of previous work, team members, etc. Anything you can show them that is visually appealing to their eyes and interest will help you with conversions

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Website Case Study: Nashville Speed Towing

The crew here at 37 Singals has been quite busy for the past few months, resulting in a lack of updated content. For all of our current viewers, we apologize dearly.

To get the wheels of marketing turning again, we decided to lay out a case study for a business that we have helped grow an online presence for. We of course, have obtained permission to do so, so you are going to get a lot of good information here today. Let’s get started.

In this post, we are going to give you the same steps we took to optimize this company’s website so they can be found easier by new and previous customers, resulting in more growth and sales.

3 Big Things a Website Needs to Be Found Easier

For starters, allow us to introduce the company we are using in this case study, Nashville Speed Towing. These guys couldn’t be found in the search engines when we started working with them, but after doing the things we are about to mention, things greatly changed for the better.

If you visit their website, you will see these things in action. We cannot emphasize enough how important these are if you not only want to bring more people to your website, but to compel them to turn into actual customers.

1.) Obvious Contact Information

This may sound super obvious, but many websites don’t do it.

To increase website conversions, it’s best to have the company phone number above the fold, rather at the very top of the page. Making it clickable will make it even easier for customers to access you, thus increasing conversions.

Having a contact form is a great method for alternative contact. Many people choose to send in an inquiry to receive a quote by email because they don’t want to/ have time to call over the phone.

2.) Content Optimization

Optimizing your content means making it easier for customers and search engines to find. For example, when someone is looking for a towing service, they will type in towing service, tow truck, or even Nashville towing service; in other words, the service they are looking for plus the location they are in.

This is exactly why you want to have your website optimized to include the services you provide, as well as all of the areas you provide your services to.

It’s also a great idea to add as much media as possible, meaning pictures and videos. Not only is this more appealing to your website visitor’s eyes, it makes your website different, and is a great opportunity to showcase your teams and previous work.

3.) Have Other Websites Talk About Yours

This is not exactly something that you can do on your website, but it’s an important factor that affects where you show up in popular search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Having other websites mention your business or it’s website shows trust, authority, and credibility. Think about it: would you trust a website that you could find easily, or the one that you had to dig ten pages to find?

The best types of website to have talking about yours are a.) those related to your industry, and b.) those that are relevant to your location. To the search engines, it’s only natural for this to happen, and the businesses that do have this will be rewarded above the rest.

Final Say

We hope that case studies like these will be of a great benefit to you, and that you can apply this same information to your website to give it a big healthy boost.

If you have time, go over and give a shoutout to Nashville Speed Towing for taking a change on their business.

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Do Businesses With Websites Do Better?

The new era of technology we are presently in has brought many new ways for businesses to bring in more customers and sales. With the help of online marketing and a well converting website, many companies have been able to increase and in many cases double or triple sales.

It has been proven that businesses with websites bring in more customers and the competitors that don’t are missing out on lots of potential new business. Not having a website is like handing over customers to the competition. While you have no website at all, theirs is taking in all of the customers that searched online for their type of service.

No matter what location you are in, having a website can be a great way for people to find your business. Over 70 percent of people search for local services online so if your website isn’t there for them to choose from, you are simply missing out.

Now can you see the difference? 


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Do Carpet Cleaners Need a Website?

carpetcleaning Do carpet cleaners need a website, and why did we choose their industry for this case study here on 37 Singals?

Well, we recently worked with a Nashville carpet cleaning service ( in TN, that is,) and wanted to use live proof for this case study, so they agreed to allow us to use their campaign.

Before we started working with them, this carpet cleaning company didn’t have a website at all, let alone any knowledge of how to market their business, so they were so relieve once seeing how all of our help worked out for them.

Since launching the website and optimizing it for search, the company has broken records and beaten any previous month, so the results are certainly speaking for themselves. Because of this, we wanted to use this to say “Yes, carpet cleaners should have a website.” Especially if in a populated area like Nashville, TN.

Why a Website is Important to Have

Nashville has a population of over 1.5 million people and growing each day, so you can imagine the amount of residents and businesses that are constantly needing a carpet cleaning service.

This especially reigns true for areas that have a lot of competitors. Nashville, TN has a huge market for carpet cleaning services and according to our research prior to beginning their campaign, there are around 30 companies in the area. This meant that our client was getting a little dry on business, but not after the website of course.

The majority of our client’s competition have a website which to us, is one of the first indicators that they should have one. Not having one comes down to losing business and basically allowing the competition to take all of it. If you aren’t in it, you can’t win it.

The goal for our client’s new website was to make it not only look better than they others in the area, but make it convert better as well. We did this by thorough researching which kind of services we being searched for the most as well as how well the competition’s websites appeared to covert, which we were then able to make even better. This definitely gave us the competitive edge.

Along with some in-depth keyword research and the strategic placing of them, we were able to get the website ranked a few pages away from the first one, and catch up to some of the competitors.


After seeing the results, the business owner couldn’t thank us enough and was so glad to finally have a website.

Without the website, the business never would have seen the same results, and their business is now thriving because of it. They have also agreed, that carpet cleaners really do need a website for their business.

If you own or are even employed at a carpet cleaning company whether it’s in Nashville, TN or any other area of the world, having a website is something that you should consider, as the benefits clearly speak for themselves.

Now it’s about finding the right company to do your web design for you, which will depend on your budget and taste.

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